Our Services

General Utility Construction, Inc. (GUCI) has installed hundreds of miles of conduits, coaxial and fiber optic cable, and other aerial and underground facilities for our customers. The company manages and performs services pertaining to the telecommunications industry.
• Aerial and underground coaxial and fiber optics placement/construction
• Splicing of coaxial and fiber cables
• Forward and reverse activation and Sweep
• Engineering
• Mapping
• MDU wiring
• Cell Site engineering and construction
• Emergency services and Disaster recovery
The team members of GUCI a high-level of knowledge and expertise in the installation of coaxial and fiber optic cables, and are able to perform all of the installation services necessary to implement the plans and specifications that our customers require.

Hurricane Restoration, Fire & Emergency Services

GUC12-300x225These services are identical to the installation services listed above, however, they are called for after a hurricane, fire,  or other natural disaster has struck an area. GUCI has the ability to amass a large work force to quickly reestablish our customer’s networks  and bring their customers back in service.   Through our involvement in previous hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and wildfires, GUCI’s management staff has an extensive background in managing such large work forces required to meet these needs.